Assurant Health update

TA | May 4, 2005

Q: Why can't I find Assurant/Fortis?

A: Assurant Health is the new name of the company that used to be known as Fortis. The company changes its name from Time Insurance to Fortis in the 1990s and recently changed again to Assurant Health. The old name of Time Insurance Company is also being revived for marketing purposes this year. Assurant Health is unique among health plans in that it does not allow it products to be listed alongside other competitors products. This might sound like an extreme measure, but the company feels that this provides protection from adverse risk selection. MedSave.com is committed to offering consumers side-by-side listings of health plan choices, so a restrictive marketing stance does not fit here.

Short term medical insurance is available from other carriers in all states except New Jersey, New York, Vermont. Student health insurance is available in all states except Maine, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. These plans provide nationwide coverage with any doctor or hospital. The easiest way to enroll for coverage is to use the online enrollment systems. Premium rates, a description of coverage, policy form and even ID cards are available online. Coverage can be effective at midnight following your online enrollment.  Online enrollment is available only for short term health insurance and student health insurance plans. Alternately, application brochures can be downloaded and mailed or faxed.

Health insurance for healthy individual and families is available to those who go though a telephone screening process and meet the company's underwriting standards for health risks. This type of insurance is available in all states except Maine, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. High deductible plans that can be paired with free optional Health Savings Accounts are the most popular choice.  These plans provide worldwide coverage with any doctor or hospital and cannot be cancelled by the insurance company except in rare withdrawals from the entire state (that has not ever occurred). Assurant Health does not issue this type of insurance coverage to high risk individuals or those with significant pre-existing medical conditions.

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