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TA | December 4, 2008

Q: Do you handle health insurance under the Arizona portability plan?

A: As independent advisers we don' directly "handle" any insurance but we certainly can help your enroll in this type of coverage. If you qualify it is very simple procedure. When making an application for any major medical insurance, be sure to attach a copy of your "Certificate of Creditable Coverage" from your prior insurer to prove eligibility and avoid being declined. (If the communication in this enrollment procedure breaks down and you are declined, then attach a copy of the Certificate of Creditable Coverage to your decline letter and ask the insurance company to reconsider the application).  We suggest using any of the managed care plans available in your state rather than the indemnity type coverage. (A listing of both types is available on the Arizona health insurance plans page.

Arizona portability plan is a provision for guaranteed issue health insurance without meeting medical underwriting criteria.  This is Arizona's way of meeting federal HIPAA law allowing universal access to health insurance. In essence, this serves as an alternative to a high risk insurance pool as is more commonly used in other states. If you qualify, insurance is available directly through any insurance company of your choice. The only unfortunate parts of this plan is that you are ensured to receive the highest rates legally allowed by the insurer.

Eligibility for the Arizona portability plan is very strict so few people actually qualify. The eligibility requirements are: 1. must be a resident of Arizona. 2. must apply for portability coverage within 63 days after the date your group or COBRA coverage ends. 3. your most recent health insurance coverage was a group health plan provided through an employer with at least two or more employees or COBRA continuation coverage. 4. You have at least 18 months of prior health insurance coverage without a break of more than 63 days. 5. You are not eligible for or covered under any other major medical health insurance. 6. If you were eligible for COBRA coverage, or your state offered continuation coverage (mini-COBRA), you must have accepted this coverage and exhausted it. If you are a federal employee, you must have accepted temporary continuation coverage and exhausted it.

If you find that you do not meet eligibility requirements, then check the listing of other Arizona health insurance plans. Some have more liberal eligibility criteria.

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