American Health Brokers Guaranteed Acceptance

TA | December 16, 2008

Q: A broker quoted a PPO plan for a low as $279.00 per month. I am trying to find out if you have any information about the company. It is called America's Health Brokers Guaranteed Acceptance.

A: Since we assist only with online enrollments, our advice on a plan that uses only an sales agent system would not be of much value. The term "guaranteed acceptance" applied to commercial health insurance means that this is a limited benefit plan rather than major medical insurance. It is important to understand the difference. Otherwise, we have no information, good or bad, about the insurance plan you mentioned.

It does concern us that nothing related comes up when we Googled the name you provided. That would not be the case for any health plan that we know. Most health insurance plans get plenty of consumer review and commentary online.

Our best suggestion is to compare benefits and rates side-by-side with companies like UnitedHealthcare, Insureme and Celticenrollment.com that frequently list more than 30 plans after you enter you information. UnitedHealthcare.com and Celticenrollment.com allow quotes without giving any personal information, so this may be the easiest in your situation.

If you want to consider limited benefit plans rather than major medical insurance then online plans like Core Health Insurance and Value Benefits might provide a useful comparison. Again, these allow online rate quotes without the need to reveal any personal information.

All of the online plans mentioned are available from http://www.medsave.com/low-cost-health-insurance-availibility.htm


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