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February 5, 2009

Q: I am looking into obtaining American Health Shield short term medical insurance, and have some questions. Assuming that faxing is currently an option, and that I'm not required to fill in data forms online: Am I actually able to download an application from the above site? Is faxing the application from the enrollment advisor an option, as indicated above, for obtaining the application? How would I do this and who is the enrollment advisor? As an alternative, are you guys able to simply email me the application? How does one fax in the completed application? The 800-609-0683 number given above as the fax destination is a voice number. Who do I call to make sure the faxed completed application has been received and is being processed - and to find out when enrollment has occurred (assuming I am not going through email)?

A: Although applications can be faxed to 800-609-0683 (the voice number also accepts faxes) we strongly discourage this approach. Previously published information on fax options of health insurance applications is likely eventually be replaced as this method is practically obsolete.

If you fax an application please consider that there is no immediate confirmation system in place, immediate policy issue is not available, the risk of delay in processing the application is higher, and, in our observation, the number of all types of problems and security risks with paper applications of all types of insurance is significantly higher than with online applications.

If you absolutely must enroll by fax, call the plan administrator Coordinated Benefits at (800) 753-1000 for an application form approved for use in your state. The plan administrator may also serve as an enrollment adviser to handle any other questions you may have. They may be able to send the application by mail, fax or e-mail at your request. The administrator may also confirm that your fax application has been received although the confirmation may be delayed.

Otherwise, online application is the superior enrollment method for all types of insurance. Online enrollment offers automated verification of application data, immediate confirmation of your application, lower security risks and in most types of insurance (although American Health Shield does not offer immediate policy issue*) immediate policy and ID card downloads.

*"Simple STM" is the version of this short term medical insurance product from Fairmont Specialty Group that offers immediate policy issue and and ID card download.  

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