MedSave.com Promotes "Cover The Uninsured Week" April 23-29, 2007

January 1, 2010

MedSave.com joins in the promotion of "Cover the Uninsured Week", April 22-29, 2007, a nationwide project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with a series of educational articles for parents, teachers, financial advisers and employee benefit professionals. This year's campaign focuses on providing coverage for the 9 million U.S. children that remain uninsured despite the availability of free or affordable health coverage. MedSave.com will publish one new or revised article each day this week:

Monday: "Trends in Children's Health Insurance"
Tuesday: "Health Insurance for Special Situations"
Wednesday: "What Financial Advisers Should Know about Short Term Medical Insurance"
Thursday: "What a Benefits Administrator Should Know About Individual Medical Insurance"
Friday: "Covering the Uninsured: The Bigger Picture" (editorial)

More than half of all children without insurance are simply waiting to become eligible for other coverage. Most of these children come from households with at least one working parent. Most of these households have incomes that are significantly above poverty level. State plans and employer provided coverage typically takes several months to get started, leaving the children uninsured. A lesser number of children go without health coverage for a long period of time and this can lead to even greater risks.

"We need to get the word out that there is no reason why a child should not have adequate health coverage" says Health Insurance , founder of MedSave.com. Morrison is a frequent speaker on health benefit topics. He believes that many people do not know that most of the uninsured children in the U.S. could be covered in a matter of minutes for less than $30 per month. These plans provide at least basic coverage and child immunizations and so taking that first step to enroll for coverage is critical. Today's online enrollment systems are so efficient, he explains, that a child could be covered tomorrow for exactly the amount of time that it takes for state plan or other employer-based coverage to start. "The fact that this national crisis is so easily solvable makes it even more frustrating", he says. Morrison claims to have helped thousands of parents in all 50 states and D.C. Though his twenty five year career as a benefits adviser. He answers parents' most common questions online, on the radio, through private Web casts and though several print publications. Reprints of many of these articles can be found from the site index page at MedSave.com.


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