6 year gap before Medicare

TA | September 25, 2007

Q: My wife currently has Blue Cross Blue Shield but the rates (over $700/mo.) are getting out of our reach. We are living on my Social Security, and she is not yet eligible for Medicare, being 59 years old. Is short term with several renewals feasible? That would mean 12 renewals of six-month policies. I assume the cost would increase with each renewal; true? We are looking at the Secure STM plan. Will this plan permit so many renewals?

A: Two consecutive 36 month policies would be a safer approach because it would decrease the risk of exclusion of ongoing treatments of pre-existing conditions. Availability of this option depends on your state of residence. Please see http://www.medsave.com/articles/Review-of-Secure-12x3-STM.htm . Ability to reapply for consecutive policies is also controlled by state law; see http://www.medsave.com/articles/How-long-can-I-be-covered-by-short-term-health-insurance.htm for any applicable restrictions in your state of residence.

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