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Q: I'm interested in insurance coverage and would like to be able to speak with an (live) agent. Tony Novak's name is at the bottom of the form I have in front of me, but his number has been... Read more

Q: I need cheap health insurance but I live in Massachusetts where insurance is expensive.  I need something less than $100 per month.  Do you have any suggestions? A: As long as... Read more

Q: I am looking for affordable health insurance for just my two minor children but I couldn't find any info on your site. Please send me some plan info to insure kids only. A: The... Read more

Jan 1, 2010

Q: I am looking for a price on HMO coverage for my two daughters age 14 and 10. A: MedSave.com handles low cost health insurance only which is generally considered the opposite of HMOs... Read more

Q: I need to find good medical insurance for my son who is a student in college. How do the online plans compare with the insurance offered through the alumni association?   A: The... Read more

Q: Who is Companion Life Insurance?   A: Companion Life Insurance Company has specialized in employee benefits for more than 35 years, marketing insurance products in 45 states and the... Read more

  Health Plan Administrators Inc. (HPA) offers three of the most popular short term medical insurance plans available in most states. All are insured by Standard Security Life.... Read more

Q: I have Time Insurance and read a Rip-off Report that said "Assurant Health, Time Insurance, Safeway American Producers Group I was the National Sales Director for Assurant Health... Read more

Q: I recently applied for health insurance through American health shield. I wanted to know when my coverage started for my health insurance. A: Please call the health plan administrator at... Read more

Q: At my cost and option, my new employer offers very basic health insurance, with a maximum total yearly payout of only $15,000, including hospitalization.  Although the protection is... Read more

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