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Switching from an employer-provided health plan to private individual health insurance can be stressful. With the increasing number of layoffs and corporate downsizing, the number of people who... Read more

  Some very healthy people who meet specific medical guidelines may qualify significant discounts on health insurance rates in the same way that those individuals with clear driving... Read more

Finding affordable health insurance can be difficult for people with specific medical conditions or other concerns flagged by most heath insurance companies. Most of these individuals who need... Read more

  Summary Introduction Short Term Medical Insurance Long Term Major Medical Insurance Limited Benefit Medical Insurance Other Insurance Issues Summary This... Read more

This article is written to help small businesses wishing to start a group health insurance plan for the first time.  The business may be new or the individuals might have been covered by... Read more

A Step-by-Step Guide for Small Businesses to Using OnlineAdviser Resources Step 1: Determine Specific Objectives Step 2: Complete a "Benefits Worksheet" Step 3:... Read more

  Contents Overview Terminology Money Saving Tips Pre-existing Medical Condition Defined Eligibility Group Health Insurance COBRA... Read more

  Summary: In the past overweight applicants had difficulty finding good health insurance at standard rates. Fortunately, being overweight is no longer an insurmountable obstacle to... Read more

Introduction Diabetics are challenged with the duel problem of having high out-of-pocket medical cost and at the same time being denied eligibility to many low cost health insurance plans. To... Read more

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