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by Health Insurance , OnlineAdviser at MedSave.com  Editor' Note: In January 2004 Medical Savings Accounts were effectively replaced by Health Savings Accounts.  For purposes... Read more

Small businesses use employee benefits to attract and retain employees. Since there is no requirement for a business to provide employee benefits and relatively few legal mandates on the design or... Read more

The procedures in this article may apply to all health insurance policies but is specifically intended for use by MedSave.com policyholders. Normal Cancellation Procedure... Read more

Iowapolitics.com published a press release highlighting results of an AARP survey results stating that overwhelming support for affordable health insurance. Almost 87% said that... Read more

MedSave.com recorded a record number of individuals enrolling in health insurance and related benefit plans during the month of March 2006. This small business was founded in 1998... Read more

Jan 1, 2010

  What A Personnel Manger Should Know About Short Term Medical Insurance By Health Insurance , MBA, MT, OnlineAdviser service   Summary Short... Read more

    The media plays an important role in consumer financial education. Yet the topic of individual health insurance continues to be largely ignored in popular... Read more

By Health Insurance , MBA, MT, OnlineAdviser for Freedom Benefits Association updated September 26, 2006 Summary Large employer health plans are significantly... Read more

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