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Basic Health Insurance is guaranteed issue coverage to all working people regardless of medical history in approved states.  Coverage is issued directly online at... Read more

Basic Health Insurance is a relatively new type of health insurance that provides a specific dollar amount of cash benefit that is paid in addition to other health insurance benefits.  There... Read more

  by Health Insurance , MBA, MT, OnlineAdviser support for MedSave.com Recent storms affected many aspects of health insurance ranging from the need to find replacement coverage quickly... Read more

The following information is provided by Heath Plan Administrators Inc. in customer communications and is reprinted here for use by MedSave.com users as an introduction to the company and its... Read more

Iowapolitics.com published a press release highlighting results of an AARP survey results stating that overwhelming support for affordable health insurance. Almost 87% said that... Read more

By Health Insurance , MBA, MT, OnlineAdviser for Freedom Benefits Association updated September 26, 2006 Summary Large employer health plans are significantly... Read more

A "Certificate of Creditable Coverage" is a creation of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (often referred to as HIPAA) designed to... Read more

Jan 1, 2010

Summary Wal-Mart employees will have more health plan options by late 2006 as a result of voluntary measurers by the company's management. The changes come as the company was under... Read more

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