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Health Care Reform

Federally mandated high-risk pools could provide coverage for those with pre-existing conditions One of the first programs to be implemented from the federal health care reform bill, which was... Read more

Small business owners across the country are scrambling to learn how the recently passed federal health care reform legislation may impact them. Once it is fully implemented, the new law requires... Read more

The recently passed federal health care reform is making waves in the way you receive medical health insurance benefits. From pre-existing conditions to subsidized premiums, you will see... Read more

Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) are not new, but rather an improvement on an old idea.  HRAs are the best way for a small business to hold the line on healthcare expenses this year... Read more

Today, June 6, 2009 marks the kickoff of a nationwide grass roots campaign to support and promote President Obama's legislative agenda on health care reform. The calls for volunteers to... Read more

Individual leadership can empower and transform those who lack health insurance Each year national "Cover the Uninsured Week" runs in late April or early May with dozens of... Read more

Two important forces are working against small group health insurance in Alabama: 1) state laws currently prevent employers from incorporating the lowest cost type of insurance... Read more

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