Comments from MedSave.com Users

"Thank you very much for your help! I'm going to start the HSA application process very soon. Your website is a great help - keep up the good work!" C. B. Nacogdoches, TX

"First, I just wanted to say how great this service is. You should plan to offer it to folks on a long term basis as well. There are a lot of folks like me, that can use something like this with no co-pays, and all that detail, because we simply are healthy folks that don't go to the doc all the time, we just need coverage for the unusual things like broken legs, etc. That said, everything has been just great. If you ever need a poster child for your insurance or a few satisfied customer quotes, please don't hesitate to ask." C. G. College Park, MD

"thank you for your assistance and the online system was very convenient and straight forward." K. C., Lawrenceville, Virginia

"Thank you so much for being so attentive to my needs. You really made this practically effortless on my part. I sure do appreciate it, considering how nervous I was about losing my present coverage. This one sounds great." S. R., Jupiter, Florida

"I would like to commend you on such an awesome and informative web site. I will be sure to spread the word.", V. S., Westmont, Illinois

"I was very satisfied with the information and I did forward your site to others.", K. R., Avondale, Arizona

"It was well done." L. B., Little Rock, Arkansas

"Yes, Mr. Morrison, handled everything quite well during our telephone interview of several weeks ago. Also, he followed-up, with written proposals as he had suggested, for my circumstances." E.P., Northville, Michigan 

"you're offering a solid and MUCH needed product at VERY reasonable rates. your site presents your services in a way that non-financial folk will understand.  nice to know there are folks out there like you, to whom I'd feel comfortable referring my former clients." L. R., Sellersville, Pennsylvania

"Everything was handled in an excellent manner. Check on the way." M.K., Jupiter, Florida

"Received the policy today. I want to thank you for your quick and professional service." K.S., Kenosha, Wisconsin 

"Service was excellent. Thanks for your prompt response." B.E., Marietta, Georgia

"Just wanted to let you know that I was extremely satisfied with the service you provided. Your website proved to be very useful, and your OnLine Advisor response time was great. All of my questions were answered clearly and promptly, and I have absolutely no complaints. I think that you provide a terrific service, and I will happily recommend you to my family and friends." A.G., Grinnell, Iowa

"The information you provided was excellent." P.S., Pasadena, California

"We were very satisfied with the enrollment process-The manner in which this was handled played a role in our decision to apply for this coverage." L.B., Charlotte, North Carolina

"We were very pleased with the information received and also with the rapid responses." P.B., Germantown, Tennessee

"Thank you for such a quick response to my request. I received the application last Wednesday. I filled it out and mailed it Friday." S.V.

"Thanks for the "checkups" I appreciate it. That kind of customer concern/service is getting pretty hard to find these days." S.S.

"I'm very satisfied with the way Medsave.com handled my inquiries and my insurance needs." L.K.

"Thanks for the help. You run a good company and I've suggested you to several friends." K.H.

"Yes I was very satisfied will all your services." L.R.

"Your company has been wonderful to work with and I have even had a meeting with my H.R Director where I discussed your plan." J.B.

"I found other short term policies on the net comparable to this price, but chose this company specifically because of your promptness to my notes." A.P.

"Your service was wonderful. I got the information unfortunately I will not be applying for coverage because I would not be eligible. This would be a great service for some but not in my case. I have been telling some of my friends about this service however so maybe I can at least send you some referrals". M.S.

"You were very prompt and helpful in your assistance and also very professional and courteous." B.D.

"The online questions were easy to answer, and my info. was received in two days. I spoke with Mr. Morrison on the phone, and he was polite and resourceful in answering my questions". D.M. 

"The follow-up e-mail which detailed all of the plans you offer was excellent. It was very detailed and the info reflected the rates that were mailed to me. I think MedSave is doing a good job. I've told other students here at IUP about your company and many have expressed interest. I hope you get a few more inquiries." T.R. 


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