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TA | November 8, 2007


A large number of short term medical insurance policies issues now at MedSave.com are researched, quoted and issued entirely on the Internet. Tens of millions of Americans use short term medical insurance each year to cover gaps between jobs and other situations that left them without health coverage. Many people recognize that short term medical insurance represents the best value available in health insurance today. Most people are comfortable with online shopping and payment, but the concept of online policy delivery leaves some questions. This article is intended to address some of the most common questions.

Policy Documents

The documents that you can download and print include:

  • a copy of the application
  • The Certificate of Insurance
  • benefits enhancements, if available

Unless you requested a later start date on the application, the coverage becomes effective at midnight after you apply online.

ID Cards

  • temporary insurance ID card
  • Rx prescription drug card

Once the initial payment is processed an official ID cad will be sent by mail, but the temporary card can provide peace of mind to applicants who want to know that they have immediate coverage in force.

Safety and Security

Medave.com has assisted in the issuance of tens of thousands of policies online enrollment systems through dozens of insurance companies over more than a decade. We have never had a complaint of any security breach when using an online enrollment system. The system has proved to be far more safe and reliable than other enrollment systems that use mail or fax submission.

The best part of this is that the entire process takes less than 10 minutes from shopping to having the policy in hand. The entire process is geared toward making the process easy, fast and provide immediate results for today's health insurance buyers.

Choosing an Insurance Plan

Insurance companies do not use the same online enrollment procedures. Some companies are better than others in this regard. The best online enrollment systems are offered by Secure STM, Secure 12x3, (the insurance can last up to 3 years) Secure Lite, and Celtic Insurance.  These are among the highest quality health insurance plans available in their markets. Most long term health insurance companies have not entered the online fulfillment.

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