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KM | June 23, 2008

About MedSave.com
Distinctions between MedSave.com and other "Medsave" companies
How we handle errant communications
How we handle consumer complaints about companies
Listing of Other "Medsave" companies


MedSave.com offers enrollment support into affordable health insurance plans and has served millions of users worldwide since 1997. Our affiliation with the professional OnlineAdviser network allows us to offer unique one-on-one service to individuals who seek help in finding the best health insurance value. MedSave.com is not involved with medical services pricing, claims processing or processing of any financial transactions. MedSave.com is not affiliated with any other company that uses the term "Medsave" as part of its name. There are at least five companies in the United States and several more outside the United States conducting operations with the word "Medsave" in their name, however, none of these companies are related to MedSave.com.

About MedSave.com

MedSave.com was founded in 1997 to distribute low cost Medical Savings Accounts (MSA) to the small business clients of Freedom Benefits. These small businesses were scattered throughout the United States but shared a need for reliable MSA compatible health insurance to complement the innovative small business employee benefit plan services designed by Freedom Benefits. Since then, Freedom Benefits ceased its non-insurance operations and Congress replaced Medical Savings Accounts with Health Savings Accounts. MedSave.com services were expanded to individuals rather than just small businesses. From it's inception, MedSave.com was built as a collaborative virtual business run by multiple entities and insurance professionals in different physical locations. MedSave.com has expanded to a wide range of affordable health plans and supplemental benefits and is currently one of the top enrollers for some low cost benefits in the United States. Contact information for MedSave.com and its affiliates is listed on the contact information page of this Web site.

Distinctions between MedSave.com and other "Medsave" companies

MedSave.com provides online enrollment assistance for a range of health insurance plans and other low cost benefits including limited benefit group health insurance policies, short term medical insurance, Health Savings Account plans, international health insurance, term life insurance and disability income insurance. Operations are limited to U.S. residents (worldwide coverage available) and non-residents travelling into the U.S. (coverage available while travelling outside of the home area).

MedSave.com has not ever been involved in a customer complaint throughout its entire 10+ years in business.

MedSave.com does not store private customer information, financial information or medical records, have access to insurance company information, process credit or bank card transactions, nor process medical claims. If your inquiry involves one of these areas, then you are probably seeking a different "Medsave" company.

How we handle errant communications

A side-effect of our business growth is the tendency for people to confuse MedSave.com with another company with a similar name. Unfortunately we receive communications, especially e-mails, on a daily basis that were intended for another company. Our policy is to return these errant communications with a message subject saying "received by MedSave.com in error". The communications are handled under the same privacy policy as all other communications.

How we handle consumer complaints about other companies

The most disturbing aspect of being confused with another company is when the confusion involves a complaint. MedSave.com has not ever been involved in a customer complaint but we occasionally receive inquiries from people who confused MedSave.com with another company.

One of the most common types of misdirected complaints involves travel insurance sold in conjunction with Carnival Cruise Lines. Apparently some of the travel insurance policies sold through this affiliation has been less than satisfactory to customers. None of the international travel insurance policies offered through MedSave.com have resulting in a consumer complaint. All of the product listings on our international health insurance are highly reputable companies with longstanding reputations as market leaders in this field.

In other instances, apparently someone not involved with any legitimate business was using the name "Medsave" to conduct a credit card scam. See the Consumer Fraud Warning. Again, this is not  MedSave.com and MedSave.com has not ever been involved in any customer complaint.

Listing of Other "Medsave" companies

We often receive requests for contact information about other "Medsave" companies. The following information is provided as a courtesy to assist those who might have found our Web site but are having difficulty finding the correct Medsave company. We cannot assure the accuracy of this information; it is gathered from other Web sites and complied here as a convenience. None of these companies are related to MedSave.com.

Medsave USA, Inc. 390 Rabro Drive, Hauppauge NY 11788   T (631) 780-5000   F (631) 780-5100

Medsave Healthcare India, Medsavegroup, Medsave Healthcare Ltd., 217, 2nd Floor, Model House, Panjagutta, Punjagutta, Hyderabad - 500016   F 011-29521067/71  (branch office addresses listed at http://medsave.in/branches.asp)

MedSave Family Pharmacy, 217 Paul Bunyan Dr. NW, Bemidji MN 56601   T: 218-759-1222   Toll Free: 888-716-5586  F: (218) 759-0859 

Med-Save.com, Bill Vollenweider   T: 225.665.0307

Med Save Health Care, Mr. S. Mamman, Chief Administrative Officer,  F-701A, Lado Sarai Behind Golf Course Mehrauli New Delhi - 110 030    T: 011-29521061-66    F: 011-26611067/71    

Medsave, 200 Garden City Plaza, Suite 201, Garden City NY 11530-3338     T: (516) 622-1700 (an Israeli-owned insurance agency with operations in Madrid, London, Bahrain, and elsewhere).

Medsave Clinic Urgent Care, 5261 Gender Rd, Canal Winchester, OH 43110    T:(614) 862-1300

Medsave, a town in the state of Zagrebacka Zupanija in the Republic of Croatia

MedsaveRx, 3577-A Chamblee-Tucker Road Suite 162 Atlanta, GA 30341 678-691-1445

Medsave Rx, 200 Distillery Commons Suite 270 Louisville, KY 40206   T: (502) 451-4560   Toll-free (800) 916-FSAB   F:  (502) 451-4561

MedSave house, Fabriek Street, Gauterng, South Africa  T: 011 441 4765 (apparently a hospital)

Medsave, United Kingdom (sells surgical supplies, no other information)

Blue Medsave, BC/BS of Michigan, P.O. Box 341 Detroit, MI 48231-0341

(Medsave in Texas and MedSave in Pittsburg no longer appear to be in operation. We have no other information).

More Information

If you are a representative of another "Medsave" company or a consumer with more information that might be valuable to our readers, please contact onlineadviser@medsave.com


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