Am I Eligible for Short Term Health Insurance?

TN | July 14, 2006

Everyone in the United States who meets all five of the conditions listed below is eligible for coverage. The eligibility requirements are:

1 - Must not have other other overlapping primary major medical health insurance (Overlapping supplemental insurance, hospitalization coverage and international health insurance coverage is allowed).

2 - Must answer "no" to the medical questions regarding major health problems.

3 - Must be under age 65 with a social security number and have a street address other than in MA, NJ, NY, or VT.  Temporary addresses are allowed.

4- Babies under six months of age are eligible when applying with a parent, guardian or sibling.

5- If the applicant was previously covered by a short term medical insurance policy, the state-specific re-application requirements must be met.  These are listed in the article "How Long Can I Be Covered under Short Term Health Insurance?".

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