Value Benefits

January 1, 2010

The term "Value Benefits" refers to the collection of health plans that are available throughout most of the United States. All are limited benefit cash indemnity plans; that means they pay the policy owner and not the doctor or hospital. The amount of the payment is determined by the policy and not based on the amount of the medical bill. The dollar amount of the benefit payment is designed to be less than the amount charged by medical providers. THESE INSURANCE POLICIES WILL NOT PAY THE ENTIRE AMOUNT OF LARGER MEDICAL BILLS. These policies are used either to supplement other health insurance or may be used as a stand-alone coverage when other insurance is not available or is not affordable.

Each one of the policies has a different eligibility criteria, benefit schedule and cost. They can be combined in any manner desired. More information, including pricing and online enrollment (where available), is available by clicking the links below.

Value Health Insurance

Value Hospital Insurance

Value Med Insurance

Value Emergency Room Insurance


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