PPO Networks

January 1, 2010


MedSave.com health insurance policies offer coverage with any doctor or hospital in the U.S. so there is no need to stay within a preferred provider organization (PPO) network.

There are two instance when it might make sense to use a PPO provider anyway:

1) When paying expenses below your policy deductible and when you do not expect to reach your maximum out-of-pocket spending limit, then using a PPO provider might cut your overall out-of-pocket expense. This is especially important for Health Savings Account (HSA) plans like those at www.celticenrollment.com .

2) Using a PPO provider may give you more time to pay your portion of the bill since PPO contracts prohibit the provider from demanding full payment at the time of service.

While there are many PPO networks operating through the U.S., one of the biggest and best is Preferred Healthcare Systems, Inc. (PHCS). When in doubt, we suggest using a PHCS provider. More information is available from your insurance company or at www.phcs.com.

Everyone should be aware that it is not necessary to use an insurance company to benefit from the contracts negotiated by PPO networks. PCHS member discount pricing and other benefits are available through Careington at www.ehealthdiscountplan.com without regard to insurance.


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