How To Find a United Healthcare Doctor

January 1, 2010


Finding a doctor isn't easy.

So when you need to change health insurance, we understand the last thing you want to do is switch doctors. We can help give you peace of mind when choosing Golden Rule health insurance products by confirming that your doctor is a UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network provider and sharing with you the significant savings possible using a UnitedHealthcare network provider.

To look up a UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network provider, simply visit our
Web site and click on the Find a Doctor tab. Make the selections that are required, including selecting the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network.

The UnitedHealthcare online provider directory provides several ways to look up providers, so you can search in a way that provides you with the best results. This includes searching by provider name, ZIP code, and even gender and/or language preferences. In order to maximize your search, follow these few helpful tips.
Find Physician

ZIP code search:
The default search option is "within 10 miles" of the ZIP code identified, using the geographic center of the ZIP code as the starting point.
If the ZIP code area is larger than 10 miles from the geographic center to the outer perimeter of the area, increase this "within miles" number so that search results return all participating network providers.
Likewise, if the area "within miles" number is lowered, the results may not return all participating providers in that ZIP code area.
City/State search:
  This search functionality works the same as the ZIP code functionality except the center point is the most densely populated center of the city, not the geographic center, so you may need to adjust the mileage number for your search.
Search Results:
  A maximum of 10 search results appear per page with a maximum limit of 300 returned results. If you reach that limit, consider adjusting the search criteria to help narrow your search.

Create a PDF of results:
  Once you have your results, you have the option to create a PDF of your search results. This PDF can be downloaded to your computer,
e-mailed or faxed to you
! You simply need Adobe® Reader® to be able to view the PDF.

Physician Search Results

We hope you find this online tool helpful in locating the best medical service providers. Remember that when you elect the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network when applying for Golden Rule health coverage you will receive lower initial premium rates, and will have access to discounts on health-care services from network providers!

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