January 1, 2010


All Medsave.com plans are available though online or e-mail application, so no agent appointment is necessary.  Not all plans are available in all states and some plans have other eligibility requirements.

Dental - available in most states.  After meeting the one year waiting period and a $35 annual deductible per person, pays ordinary dental expenses up to $1000 per year.  Rates average $30 per month per person, $70 per month for families.

Dental plus Vision - same plan as above but also includes up to $100 for eye care. 

Student Dental - note that this insurance is separate coverage plan from the popular student medical plans since dental is not covered in the medical plans.

Senior Dental - over age 65.

Term Disability Insurance - a less expensive type of disability insurance.

Traditional Disability Insurance - known as "non-cancelable" and "guaranteed renewable".  To be eligible, you must show a  minimum income of $18,000 based on a tax return or a W2 form.

Individual Term Life Insurance - available in amounts of $100,000 or above in all states.

Family Life Insurance (coverers both parents, all children plus coverage for child care and college education funding in the event of death of either parent).

Whole Life Insurance - Available at smaller amounts of coverage and can be "paid up" so that premiums are no longer required.

Post Acute Care (a trimmed down type of long term care insurance that covers up to a year of home health care or nursing home care).

Prescription Drug Discount Plan - this is a discount card, not an insurance plan.  Available in all 50 states, good in almost all pharmacies, for a cost of $100 per family per year and will help cut out-of-pocket Rx costs.

Retirement Plan - we offer a full range of retirement plan rollover and tax services on request.


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