COBRA Coverage, Options and Alternatives

January 1, 2010


Free Professional Assistance from MedSave.com

If you recently became unemployed, they you probably face a number of decisions about your health benefits, including critical decisions about your rights under federal COBRA law.  Because everyone's situation is unique, MedSave.com offers the free OnlineAdviser service by e-mail at onlineadviser@medsave.com to answer any questions you may have about COBRA rights, procedures, options and alternatives.  The free service is also available to address questions about unemployment compensation, severance pay, taxes, group to individual health pan conversions, retirement plan rollovers, and guaranteed insurability.  This is a critical time for good financial decision-making and professional help may be useful.  Now more than ever, you need to make every dollar stretch farther and take advantage of every opportunity to save money.  Decisions you made now will affect your taxes and financial options later, so don't take these financial planning issues lightly.  


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