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January 1, 2010

Questions about low cost health insurance, short term medical insurance and other related benefits are addressed by OnlineAdviser service               

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Core Health Insurance eligibility

Core Health Insurance best option for diabetic

Core Health Insurance for Diabetics

Core Health Insurance for diabetic college student

Core Health Insurance general questions

Core Health Insurance application status

Core Health Insurance covers maternity expenses

Core Health Insurance covers pre-existing medical conditions

Core Health Insurance enrollment support

Core Health Insurance as group coverage

Core Health Insurance coverage and pricing

Core Health Insurance enrollment site

Core Health Insurance group coverage

Core Health Insurance for follow-up visits

Core Health Insurance for small business

Core Health Insurance for student

Core Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Core Health Insurance is not primary coverage

Core Health Insurance over age 65

Core Health Insurance after new job

Core Health Insurance plus short term medical insurance

Core Health Insurance start date

Fill a Gap in Coverage for Pre-existing Condition

How to Cancel Core Health insurance

Is Core Health Insurance really insurance?

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Will my doctor accept Core Health Insurance?

Why is Core Health Insurance so cheap?

What if I need more coverage?

Core Health Insurance general questions

Q: For the Core Health Insurance, do you get a card in the mail? This is the one that is $38 a month. Do I get a booklet on which providers I can go to? or is all of the info online? I will need this to start at the end of April, do I just sign up then? or do I need to do it earlier?

A: Yes, ID cards are mailed usually on the next business day after you enroll online. This policy also offers downloadable proof of coverage that can be used until your ID card arrives. You may use any medical provider in the U.S. You may wish to read the article titled "Does My Doctor Accept this Insurance? at http://www.medsave.com/health-insurance-articles/Does%20my%20doctor%20accept%20this%20insurance.htm; for more information on the claims handling procedures with this type of cash indemnity type health insurance that can be used with any doctor.
There is a toll-free number for all member support requests printed on the ID card.
For coverage to start April 1, sign up online by March 31 at the direct secure enrollment Web site. You will receive an immediate confirmation by e-mail but the actual policy will be mailed on or after the policy start date.
Please be aware that Core Health Insurance is intended as a limited benefit coverage and will not provide adequate coverage for catastrophic medical claims.

Core Health Insurance application status

Q: I applied for Core Health Insurance online thought we already submitted the payment and everything, but we have not gotten anything in the mail yet and I received an e-mail saying the application was "almost complete"

A: This means one of three things: 1) the payment may not be processed (due to a credit card or bank issue), 2) some information is missing on the application or 3) nothing is wrong, the communications just crossed paths. In any case, you can get a clarification by calling HPA the plan administrator, at (800) 277-3323. Since this call involves revealing private personal and financial information, the status will be given only after you verify your identity to the member service representative to protect your identity. As a side note, the best way to independently verify an online insurance enrollment prior to receiving an e-mail confirmation or the actual policy is to check for evidence of a payment made on your bank or credit card account. If there is no proof of payment, then do not assume that insurance is issued. Finally, keep in mind that Core Health Insurance is meant to be a limited benefit insurance and should not be relied on as the only protection from potentially catastrophic expenses. It is important to combine supplemental insurance with major medical insurance, like the low cost short term and renewable insurance plans listed at MedSave.com, whenever possible to cover the most significant largest risks.

Core Health Insurance covers maternity expenses

Q: Does Core health insurance help with maternity cost if my wife gets pregnant later on?

A: Yes, although there is no maternity benefit per se, this can be a way to provide supplemental coverage for out-of-pocket maternity expenses. Many policies have exclusions for maternity care, but this policy does not. Maternity expenses are covered in the same manner as any other medical expense. Of course all medical expenses are subject to a six month waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions and benefits are limited to the dollar amount shown on the insurance certificate.

Core Health Insurance covers pre-existing medical conditions

Q: I have a pre-existing condition and I wanted to know if Basic Health Insurance covered this and if so what are the plan details?

A: Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered the same as any other medical expense after you have been enrolled in the insurance for 6 months. See http://www.medsave.com/articles/basic-health-insurance.htm for an overview of the coverage and then         for all of the details and online enrollment.

Core Health Insurance enrollment support

Q: I have some questions I would like to ask regarding Basic Health Insurance. Is there a phone number I can call, and could you also supply me with the name of the person I would be speaking with?

A:The phone number for SASID, the plan administrator is (800) 277-3323. Everyone at SASID who picks up the phone is qualified to answer your questions. Alternately, you can continue to use this independent OnlineAdviser email service for any specific questions.

Core Health Insurance as group coverage

Q: You said that there is no advantage to buying group insurance as opposed to an individual buying insurance. But the online brochure says this is guaranteed issue group insurance.

A: Whether you enroll through your employer or as an individual, Core Health Insurance is always group insurance and is always guaranteed issue without regard to your medical history. The only difference between enrolling through your employer vs. individual enrollment is that the premium cost is 10% less with employer-provided plans. This requires a payroll reduction election for the cost of coverage and the premiums must be collected for all employees who elect this coverage and submitted monthly by the employer to the insurance company. Considering the low cost of this insurance, it might not be worthwhile for an employer to go through this added expense.  In a small company it might be easier for each employee to go online to enroll individually.

Core Health Insurance coverage and pricing

Q: The coverage and pricing of "Core Health Insurance" seems too good to be true in comparison with other health insurance plans.  What am I missing?


A:  It is true that Core Health Insurance  is one of the least expensive health insurance plans available today. It is also unique in that issued regardless of the applicant's medical history and covers all pre-existing medical conditions after the policy has been in force for 6 months. This policy has no deductible or co-payments and can be used with any doctor or hospital in the United States. There is no network of providers and no required pre-authorization of treatment. Benefits are paid to the policyholder in cash even if other health insurance is available. All this adds up to a perception that this coverage is "too good to be true". But this insurance provides only limited coverage, as the name implies. The maximum dollar amount of benefits available for each covered medical procedure is listed on the online quotation page, on the Web site, and in the policy itself. This health insurance policy is not designed to pay for all of your medical bills. It is great for covering part of the cost of an occasional doctor visit or lab work, but it would be silly to rely on this as the only insurance coverage for a surgery or hospital stay. This insurance is most appropriately used when used in combination with other catastrophic health insurance. It should not be the only health insurance except as a last resort.


Core Health Insurance enrollment site

Q: I need Core Health Insurance coverage today.  The page is not available for me to download a form.


A:  Occasionally online insurance enrollment services have outages due to technical problems or scheduled maintenance.  Try again now at   .  The site works properly more than 99% of the time.


Core Health Insurance group coverage

Q: What is the difference between 'Basic Health Insurance' group policy for a business and the coverage that is available to individuals?

A:  Nothing, except that the price is 10% lower when 3 or more are apply at the same time with a paper application to be billed to the employer.  (Individual applications are done directly online, whereas the group plan enrollment forms are downloaded and mailed). 

The coverage is exactly the same, since this is a group insurance product available to both individuals and businesses.

It is important to emphasize that this is a supplemental insurance that provides cash in addition to other benefits, not intended as the primary protection.

Core Health Insurance for follow-up visits

Q:  I need supplemental health insurance due to the fact that I have been diagnosed with angiomyolipoma of the right kidney and my current health insurance has denied any coverage for that "pre-existing".  Will the Basic Health Insurance plan cover any expenses incurred for treatment of angiomyolipoma, which consist of a follow up x-ray to check the size of the benign tumor every six months?  I know that this plan has a six month waiting period still.  I'm  just trying to find coverage to cover any follow up visits and treatment regarding this condition only.

A:  Core Health Insurance covers pre-existing medical conditions after six months but keep in mind that this is intended as supplemental insurance, not as primary coverage. The amount that Core Health Insurance for a doctor's visit, lab test or each other type of medical procedure will pay is listed at   


Core Health Insurance for small business


Q: How do I get a quote on Core Health Insurance for my small business and when do benefits begin?

A:  The price sheet along with enrollment forms care available online under the section titled "Employer Sponsored Plans". There is no need to wait for a quote from the insurer.  One employer application form is submitted by the employer and one enrollment form is used for each participating employee.  Participation is voluntary and coverage may be paid by either the employee of the employee.  Both of these forms are also available at the same location.  Coverage begins on the first day of the month after the completed application and initial payment are received.

There are no medical requirements, so you can be assured that all employees will be approved. Certificates of coverage are usually mailed within 10 days after application.

Any number of employees may obtain coverage but remember that the group rates listed assume that three or more employees will enroll and payment will be made in one employer check.  If one or two employees want to enroll separately then the cost is 10% higher to cover the additional billing requirement.

This is one of the least expensive group health insurance plans available and is therefore a popular "starter" benefit for small businesses, but the benefits are limited. Ideally, this coverage should be combined with other individual or group catastrophic insurance to cover deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.  This policy is a popular substitute for AFLAC;  this plan provides only medical insurance benefits so the cost is lower.   The cash benefits are paid regardless of other overlapping insurance coverage.

Core Health Insurance for students


 I need low cost health insurance because I am a student and I saw that Core Health Insurance is one od the least expensive plans.

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